We believe the Fresher, the Better.

A Passion for Seafood

Fresh Fish Fillets

Steve, our Manager with over 20 years experience in the fish industry, personally selects and purchases fresh, whole fish from the sustainable Fish Auction in Christchurch each week day, transports them via chilled transport to our walk in chiller in Rangiora to fillet. We aim to have the freshest and quality fish available on a daily basis.

Fresh Whole Fish

Most fish is available whole. Options for the barbeque, wrapping in tinfoil, smoking, steaming, etc., as the chef desires. We will remove the offal, scales, etc. according to your preferences. Cutting the fish into steaks is another option.

Suitable for Sashimi

Not all fish are suitable for Sashimi, more importantly, the age of the fish is very relevant. Christine, who also loves sashimi, will make sure the fish offered for Sashimi will best meet your requirements, being suitable and fresh.

Ready to eat Meals

We prepare Seafood Chowder, Thai Fish Curry, Salmon filo etc, on site from our fresh fillets. All that is required is to re-heat them by following the instructions available with each item.

Smoked Fish

We smoke fish on site using traditional methods in a large smoker. The fish is brined with salt and raw sugar overnight in the chiller. The right combination of natural manuka and cherrywood is used. Fish options include Salmon, Kahawai, Mackeral, Moki, Warehou, as available. Eat them fresh, in pies, chowders, salads, etc.

Gift Voucher

We provide Gift Vouchers for you to pass on to others for a special treat.

Our Star Products

Creamy Seafood Chowder

  • Creamy and full of flavor.
  • Ready to reheat and enjoy.

Salmon Filo

  • Mango & Peach chutney with Salmon…..
  • Just need to reheat in air-fryer or oven.